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Meet Dr. Marshall McCallum

Generations of Chiropractors

Delta chiropractor Dr. Marshall McCallum

Dr. Marshall McCallum

Dr. Marshall McCallum’s deep-rooted love for chiropractic started as a child.

His long history with chiropractic comes from a family where chiropractic is the prominent profession–his grandfather was, and his brother and sister are chiropractors. In addition, his mom was greatly influenced by chiropractic care. From childhood, Dr. McCallum’s mother taught her family the importance of eating healthy, staying fit, and visiting a chiropractor for good health. “My upbringing has been such, that over the years, the idea of taking care of people based on chiropractic came natural to me.”

After completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. McCallum attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

Choosing to Get and Stay Healthy

Just as Dr. McCallum learned early on that it’s always better to stay healthy than to chase health, he applies this same ideal to treating his patients. “When I’m meeting patients, I don’t just look at their spine. I consider how they can maintain health, improve through diet and exercise and stay fit mentally.”

“As chiropractors, we think about the world in a way that is different than most. Our objective is to help people understand how chiropractic care fits into being healthy. This way, patients can make informed choices about their health.”

Dr. McCallum enjoys sharing his knowledge with patients and watching them truly start to live a better life through chiropractic care.

A Doctor and a Bagpiper

Dr. McCallum is the team chiropractor for the Delta Police Pipe Band, and is also a piper in the band. “Our band travels regularly, playing at military tattoos around the world, and whether from long travel or carrying drums and equipment, the quicker we address problems, the quicker we get back to playing!”

When at home, he enjoys various activities, whether it is in the kitchen or in the workshop. “I’m never scared to try something new.”

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